Prabhas: Adipurush Box Office Collection 9 Day

Adipurush struggles at the box office, failing to generate momentum after 9 day

Despite high expectations, Prabhas starrer Adipurush disappoints in terms of box office performance

Audiences show little interest as Adipurush fails to gain traction at the box office

Box office collection for Adipurush remains stagnant, with no significant growth observed

Prabhas' Adipurush fails to captivate viewers, resulting in lackluster box office numbers

The much-anticipated film Adipurush struggles to attract audiences, impacting its box office earnings

Adipurush's box office collection witnesses a slowdown, with no signs of improvement

Despite a star-studded cast, Adipurush fails to make an impact on the box office front

Adipurush's lack of growth in box office earnings raises concerns about its commercial success

Disappointing box office performance dampens the success prospects of Prabhas' Adipurush